About us

The New Africa Foundation is an entity focused on addressing challenges in Africa. Our mission goes beyond typical charitable activities such as distributing food. We strive to bridge religious, societal, racial, and interpersonal gaps. Our multifaceted approach not only brings smiles to people’s faces but also actively works towards fostering unity and understanding.

The New Africa Foundation operates as a self-funded organization dedicated to addressing socio-economic issues and making a positive impact on various communities. Our outreach extends to diverse areas, ranging from prisons to schools for the blind and deaf. We are not limited to specific countries, as our efforts span across Africa and occasionally extend beyond its borders.

It’s crucial to note that the New Africa Foundation distinguishes itself by not relying on donations; the organization’s accomplishments underscore its commitment to making a meaningful difference. This aspect sets us apart from other foundations with similar goals.

Our Mission

Our mission entails disseminating the narrative that Africans are not solely reliant on external aid; rather, we aim to underscore the paradigm shift wherein Africans are poised to contribute aid to the global community.

New Africa epitomizes this transformative ethos. Recognizing the prevailing imagery of African children and nations perpetuated by the world—marked by destitution and hunger—our foundation endeavors to cultivate, motivate, and elevate emerging youth in Africa through diverse channels. We strive to facilitate their engagement in impactful modes of self-governance and the establishment of robust business ventures and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

In contributing value to society across various domains, we endeavor to counter the prevailing misrepresentations of our continent. New Africa assumes the role of a representative entity, bridging the chasm between the populace and the responsibilities that conventionally fall within the domain of larger institutions.

Our Vision

Our visionary pursuit is centered on a profound transformation of the ordinary individual’s mindset.

Irrespective of one’s health, physical abilities, wealth, poverty, age, or youth, our goal is to illuminate the understanding that the essence of the future lies in embracing a new beginning—a pristine genesis in our actions, a tabula rasa of endeavors and ideas.

This encapsulates our overarching vision: the metamorphosis of African lives, guiding them to perceive that their future unfolds as the inaugural pages of a freshly inscribed volume, symbolizing A New Dawn.

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