Frequently Asked Questions

Disseminating the narrative that Africans are not solely reliant on external aid; rather, we aim to underscore the paradigm shift wherein Africans are poised to contribute aid to the global community.
No, New Africa Foundation distinguishes itself by not relying on donations, be it foreign or local.
The foundation is funded by our subscribers.
The primary focus of the New Africa Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling our mission and vision. Consequently, we strongly resist any external influence that may lead to a deviation from our intended purpose. Our aim is to inspire others to generate impactful solutions tailored to their immediate society, as opposed to relying on a bureaucratic behemoth that makes sluggish decisions to support their community.
You can contribute to the foundation by embodying our vision in your personal life. Our aim is to serve as a guiding light, demonstrating that individuals have the power to positively impact the lives of those around them. If each person embraces this philosophy, vibrant communities can emerge, fostering mutual support and potentially rendering centralized charitable organizations unnecessary. In the near future, we will provide links to resources, knowledge, and skills that can aid you in supporting your local community, thereby enhancing opportunities for those eager to make a meaningful difference in their immediate surroundings.
We are always available to collaborate with sister foundations in mass donations and community engagement. However, we do not fund or receive funds from other charitable organisations.
We are always looking for causes instrumental to the benefit the global community and we support where there is a great need, as such; young children incapable of supporting themselves are always at the forefront of our concerns. Similarly, developing communities into interconnected, self-sustaining nations, brings us immeasurable satisfaction, which edges us closer to cementing our legacy as an everlasting cornerstone for humanity.
A New Africa Foundation Volunteer is someone that makes a difference to those nearest to them, impacting the lives of the needy in their immediate community.